Case conveyors


In the packaging industry, many production areas are washed down and sanitized everyday and require the use of stainless steel equipment. This is especially the case in food processing plants where equipment must be washable from the process to the packaging.

Trio Pac packaging conveyors are built using a stainless steel frame and corrosion resistant components in an “easy to clean” design.

Table Top or Mat Top stainless steel packaging conveyors are used in bottling and packaging to carry cases at high speed without embossing the bottom of the case like roller conveyors will do.

Trio Pac has all kinds of a stainless steel case conveyors:

  • Plastic belt conveyor
  • Table Top or Mat Top conveyor
  • Drag chain conveyor
  • Live roller conveyor
  • Slip drive roller conveyor
  • Low back pressure accumulation conveyor
  • Zero pressure accumulation conveyor
  • Accumulation table
  • Turn table
  • Transfers
  • Gravity roller conveyor
  • Gravity skate wheels conveyor
  • Inclined and declined conveyor
  • Elevator and lowerator

Trio Pac also custom builds packaging conveyors to meet your specifications.




Accumulation conveyors are designed to allow accumulation of cases. They will act as a buffer between two machines and they should be able to give back the accumulated products to the line and return to normal running speed when the accumulating event is over. Stainless steel packaging conveyors are ideal for bottling and packaging while providing for accumulation to occur without affecting the overall output process

For case or carton conveyors, the two most popular ways of accumulating are low back pressure accumulation and zero pressure accumulation.

Stainless steel pallet accumulation conveyors are also available from Trio Pac.



INTRALOX patented Activated Roller BeltTM (ARB) Technology