Trio Pac's combiner systems are available in pressured and pressure less configuration. Each design enables the product flow to be directed from a wide flow through into a single line for feeding fillers, labelers and inspection equipment. Trio Pac's technologies in combiners allow to single filled a wide variety of plastic, glass or metal containers  


  • Single filled containers smoothly with out jams, bottleneck and product damages.
  • Evacuate fallen bottles.
  • Eliminating pressure and knocking between products by regulating the flow.
  • Optimized the use of different sizes and shapes
    Pressure less combiner is managed from a close-loop control based on speed variations and readings from sensors.

  • Can handle different container shapes
  • No mechanical adjustment required for change over.
  • Will run high speed more than 1100 bottles per minute.

  • Will handle only round products
  • Smaller foot print and more economical than a pressure less combiner.
  • Will run at speed up to 500 containers per minute.
  • Combiners are assembled using the same standard components as per our modular conveyors. Overall dimensions are selected for each application and will depend on product specifications and target speeds. Operation of each combiner is also different based on product and speed.

    Mechanical specifications
    Engineering evaluation of each application will determined the choice of the conveying surface, guiding components and overall dimensions.
    Electrical specifications
    Complete electrical system for regulation and interfacing with other equipment will be submitted for every combiner application.

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