March 24, 2014

Trio Pac 24VDC accumulation ARBtm.Conveyor

Passive 90° transfers powered via 24 VDC motors complete with integrated zero pressure accumulation.


The customer had a case erector located on a mezzanine and needed to bring his empty cases toward a chute that was supplying a manual case packing area underneath. We needed to supply a conveyor system capable of accumulating empty cases between the two steps of production that would, minimizing floor space, maintaining a constant flow of product, simplify de controls while keeping the concept safe and guarding free in the transition areas for it to stay readily accessible.


This ARBtm System is motorized via the same 24 VDC technology as the roller conveyor, it also incorporates its integrated zero pressure accumulation system. we located a photo eye of this integrated system into the customers chute, the device sends a signal for product to be released by our discharge conveyor, this unit starts up and release a case.

The system is built-in with a cascading sequence thus preceding units will start up to release a case, etc.  The ARBtm. system is manufactured with an angled roller belt that permits 90° transferring from the first conveyor to the second  without any help of pneumatic pushers or pop-up devices, this reduces the amount of moving components for simplified maintenance and surrounding safety apparatuses.