Our Designs

                           Pharmaceutical conveyors                                                                                        
                                   with turntables                                                                   Jars rinser line                                       Capper supply line and case conveyor                                                                                               


                                  ''Nose Bar'' Drive                                          Cheeze blocks complete handling line                                Table Top line with divider


                                Case conveyor Drive                                            Dynamic accumulator ''FI-FO''                                              Pressureless aligner
                            Bulk candy handling line                                         Metal detector line with reject                                         Bulk cookies handling line
                         Toilet paper handling line                                                      Downward spiral


Modular belt retractable Gate conveyor








Bottle feeder table conveyor





The Roller belt Conveyor

With the innovative INTRALOX ARB angle roller belt, we can design conveyors with right angle transfers that are simple, reliable, quiet and most of all completely safe. No controls required to direct the product on this passive transfer. Trio Pac is a licensed manufacturer for the INTRALOX ARB belts


The Wedge elevator

This 20 feet high wedge elevator conveyor is ideal for small spaces, and can carry a wide range of items such as boxes, cans or bottles.




H Chalut Distribution Line

Here is a good example of how Trio Pac offers Turnkey solutions to clients. We have built a complete distribution line for H Chalut, a hair a beauty product distributor.





Plastic Belt Conveyor


The Plastic Ball Belt conveyor

Features a secure transfer with zero pinch point (video):

TRIO PAC conveyors in the packaging zone at Savoura in Ste-Étienne,QC

.TRIO PAC packaging conveyor      TRIO PAC conveyors in Montreal


   supply line capper and case conveyors