packaging conveyors solutions

Daniel Chalut, President of H Chalut, in his Saint-Jerome warehouse.


HChalut is a business specialized in hair product distribution, offering a wide variety of products, equipment, furniture and services for professionals.

With a network of over forty sales rep, and twenty stores, HChalut has over 8000 clients throughout Quebec.


Your needs?

“When we sought TRIO PAC we wanted to increase our productivity because we were losing a lot of energy, time and money in our way of working. We were working with regular shelves, and they needed to be emptied before doing an inventory rotation. We had they idea of combining a flow rack with a conveyor system, and this is when TRIO PAC came into play.”



“Your approach: we solicited 2 or 3 businesses but Trio Pac took the time to do tests, what others didn’t do. Also, the size of your company is similar to ours, and we felt that there was a great vibe between us!”



“We are extremely satisfied with the results and the experience was positive all the way. Work gets done so quickly that we feel like no one is working here! We did not layoff anyone, but when people leave, we do not have to replace them. We are now working with reduced staff but work gets done much faster and easier then before. Our production has significantly improved, and it will continue to do so with future collaboration with TRIO PAC.”


 -Daniel Chalut, President HChalut