Simple, reliable, robust and economical. 

The turntable is used on infeed for round bottle aligning, or at discharge for product accumulation.  The turntable fits all sizes and types of products. 

Trio Pac offers a full range of turntables:

TT1000 series 
Steel construction with painted galvanized 

TT2000 series 
The most popular series 
Stainless steel construction 

TT3000 series 
Pressure washable 
Stainless steel construction 
Components Nema 4X corrosion resistant 

TT5000 series 
Stainless Steel 
Enclosed base with door. 
Material and high quality finishing. 

Diameter shelf standard: 

36 inches, 915 mm 
48 inches, 1220 mm 
60 inches, 1525 mm 

Other sizes available upon request.


 convoyeurs a montreal convoyeurs a montreal convoyeurs a montreal
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