Trio Pac, Number One Conveyor Manufacturer in Montreal!

TrioPac is a conveyor manufacturer in Quebec located in Ville Saint Laurent. We are specialized in conveyor systems for bottling and packaging in all industrial fields since 1992.

Growth and development of Trio Pac

  • 1992 : Trio Pac starts operating.
  • 1994 : Trio Pac becomes the official distributor of Hytrol’s case and pallet conveyor systems.
  • 2003 : Creation of the Research and Development Service.
  • 2007 : Implementation of a 3D design software.
  • 2010 : Implementation of a new Genius MRP global management system.
  • 2011 : Launching of a website that includes a personalized and secured client space.
  • 2013 : 24 hour availability of our electromechanical intervention services.
  • 2014 : Intralox license to manufacture DARB systems for transporting cases.
  • 2015 : Development of new storage systems, including a patented one, for the bottling and packaging industries.
  • 2017: Construction of a mezzanine providing more space on Trio Pac’s premises.
  • 2018: Modernization of Trio Pac’s machining center.
  • 2018: Installation of new revolutionary sanitary conveyors.
  • 2019: Addition of a Qimarox distribution line.
  • 2019: Addition of a new 4-axis digital turning center.
  • 2021: Addition of an Amada folding machine to increase our production capacity.                                             

Our objectives

Our team of dynamic and highly qualified members aims to offer you the best solutions for your conveyor projects and to respond quickly to all your assistance and services requests.

The satisfaction and success of our customers are the pride of Trio Pac. We are continuing our growth in order to remain at the cutting edge in the manufacturing and installation of conveyors.

Our motto

Always in line with your success!

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Pour plus d'information: 1 888 565-6722

Over 30 years of success!

Our leaders - Mario and Stéphane