1. HChalut - Business Specialized in Hair Product Distribution

    L'Oréal, Revlon, Crew, Schwarzkopf and many more

    We are extremely satisfied with the results and the experience was positive all the way.

    Text: Interview

    ¨HChalut is a business specialized in hair product distribution, offering a wide variety of products, equipment, furniture and services for professionals. With a network of over forty sales rep, and twenty stores, HChalut has over 8000 clients throughout Quebec.

    When we sought Trio Pac we wanted to increase our productivity because we were losing a lot of energy, time and money in our way of working. We were working with regular shelves, and they needed to be emptied before doing an inventory rotation. We had they idea of combining a flow rack with a conveyor system, and this is when Trio Pac came into play.

    Our approach: we solicited 2 or 3 businesses but Trio Pac took the time to do tests, what others didn’t do. Also, the size of your company is similar to ours, and we felt that there was a great vibe between us!

    We are extremely satisfied with the results and the experience was positive all the way. Work gets done so quickly that we feel like no one is working here! We did not layoff anyone, but when people leave, we do not have to replace them. We are now working with reduced staff but work gets done much faster and easier then before. Our production has significantly improved, and it will continue to do so with future collaboration with Trio Pac.¨ said Daniel Chalut, president at HChalut.

    Saint-Jérôme Distribution Center

    Daniel Chalut, HChalut President

    HChalut - Distribution Line

  2. JAM Industries - The Worlds Largest Distributors of Musical Instruments, Pro Audio and Consumer Electronics

    SiriusXm, Erickson, Arcam, Korg, Ahsly, Coast Music, Davitt&Hanser, U.S. Music Corporation, etc.

    The productivity has increased about 200% with Trio Pac Equipment 

    Text: Video Sample

    ¨In our quest to become the best musical distributor in both retail and customer and pro industry, we decided that we were going to automate our warehouse facilities through the installation of a conveyor system.

    We elected go with Trio Pac... strictly from our research process in terms of elimination, they came forward  and portrayed a very professional organization with a wealth of experience and that certainly was our decision, lead  to our decision to go with that.

    Both the pre-sales and the post-sales experiences were tremendous but most of all I think in my twenty (20) years of doing this the most interesting aspect was their installers.  Certainly their installation team was second to none that I have ever seen while I have been doing this... They were both professional and they were courteous and they understood exactly what we need and through the entire installation process their abilities to change and make decision on the fly and have them implement those changes were tremendous.

    Our post experience was very well, received by all, everyone at JAM in term of their abilities to come back and to service the product, “to lend a hand” in terms to insuring our goal met date and that they were here for us, that everything work accordingly and more importantly when it didn’t they were here to fix it immediately.

    Trio Pac is second to none, in terms of this industry, and I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a dedicated resource full team to improve their warehouse facilities. Our installations are a system basically yields the productivity increase about 200%.¨ said Brent L. McKinnon, Director of Operations at JAM Industries.

    JAM Industries

    Brent L. McKinnon, Director of Operations and Steven Glickman, Distribution Center Manager

    JAM Industries - `` Trio Pac is second to None!``

  3. WIPTEC - Pick, Pack & Ship

    Wal-Mart, Sears, Costco, etc.

    A Great Success Story!

    Text: French Video Sample

    ¨WipTec Pick, Pack & Ship is a company specializing in the preparation of orders for the retail market and the e-commerce that is booming right now.

    Just a few years ago,  we had very specific needs to increase productivity at WipTec. We choose Trio Pac to accompany us in our choice for automated conveyors for immediate needs and also  for future needs which are prominent for Wiptec’s growth.

    The Trio Pac team accompanied us from the beginning to the end. Initially, we  began to study what the Wiptec business is with customers and purposes; later on, we suggested a visit plan tailored to our market and to prove the expertise of Trio Pac.

    Then we set up a specific case study and we went to the drawing table and what I appreciated the most about Trio Pac is that they listened not only to our immediate needs but also to our future needs. So today, we have a Phase 1 done with Trio Pac concerning all our automated systems  but Phase 2 is already available and we can move  forward with the implementation of the new project without having to return to the drawing table again.

    We started from a blank page, the new building of Wiptec was under construction when we adapted the project and design with Trio Pac and I am fully satisfied of the result. On the other side, the first mission of employees was to achieve an increase in productivity. The productivity gain is there. The employees are working  now in a much safer environment. Our brand new conveyor system was able to pass through a high peak season where we had to handle thousands of boxes per day and it is for us a great success story!

    Trio Pac accompanied us throughout the whole process, gave us a great product and the reliability is there!  I am very satisfied and I would recommend them anytime!¨ said Martin Ball, President and CEO at Wiptec - Pick, Pack & Ship.


    Martin Ball, President and CEO

    WipTec - Pick, Pack & Ship

  4. Deschênes & Fils ltée - An automated conveyor that activates with the movement of the box: saving energy, costs and, above all, time!

    Deschênes & Fils ltée, Montreal division has been a distributor-wholesaler of plumbing and heating supplies for 80 years. With 14 points of sale exclusive to entrepreneurs covering the greater Montreal regions as far as Sherbrooke, Saint-Jérôme and Granby and 5 Plomberium stores open to the general public.

    « We were looking for innovative solutions to improve our business’s ability to manage closely our operations in order to serve our customers quickly and efficiently. » says Mr. Patrick Leduc - Director, Logistics and Operational Excellence at Deschênes & Fils ltée.

    We asked for the advice and expertise of the Trio Pac team for the installation of a conveyor. After several visits, the choice fell on an automated conveyor, which activates with the movement of the box making moving operations more fluid, saving energy, costs and waiting time. Trio Pac inc. subsequently designed a conveyor system with several technologies - including an elevator conveyor - modulated according to the needs of Deschênes & Fils ltée.

    « A quote of quality, the reliability of the information transmitted and the availability of the Trio Pac inc. team were the main elements that encouraged us to choose to work with Trio Pac» he certifies. « Despite the pandemic, it is necessary to point out that Trio Pac inc. knew how to ensure an excellent service, from submission to start-up, and after-sales service with monthly preventive maintenance of equipment done by competent technicians. Our project is definitely a success, it saves time! The average waiting time has been reduced by approximately 70%! » confirms Mr. Leduc proudly. « This is the first project with Trio Pac inc. and will certainly not be the last! » he adds.

    Mr. Patrick Leduc - Director, Logistics and Operational Excellence at Deschênes & Fils ltée.

  5. Testimony - Retail Trade

    As part of optimizing its logistics operations, one of our retail clients recently integrated a Trio Pac conveyor into its warehouse. This initiative has significantly improved the efficiency of the clothing reception process, allowing for faster and more precise handling of items.

    Indeed, this is a Trio Pac Inter-Deck Box Conveyor, a technology distinguished by its effectiveness in a multi-level environment. This type of conveyor provides a complete solution to the logistical challenges faced by the client.

    Every day, the process begins outside the warehouse, where a dedicated team meticulously unpacks clothes arriving on pallets by truck. Thanks to the new installation, pallets are efficiently broken down, and boxes are conveyed one by one into the warehouse via the conveyor.

    The conveyor, the central element of this operation, is used daily to ensure the speed and precision of the process.

    The ingenuity of this system proves particularly advantageous in a three-level environment. The warehouses are strategically aligned with the conveyors, thus simplifying the management of items on each level. When it is necessary to move goods to the second floor, the conveyor proves to be an efficient solution.

    This new installation has significantly transformed the operational dynamics of the warehouse. Team members unanimously praise the convenience and efficiency of the Trio Pac conveyor, making each workday a pleasant and efficient professional experience.

    In a significant testimony regarding the impact of the new Trio Pac conveyor, the Senior Director highlighted its crucial importance in improving warehouse productivity. He stated: "The integration of the Trio Pac conveyor has significantly increased our productivity by simplifying tasks related to receiving and handling goods. This innovative system has not only saved valuable time but has also contributed to making our operations smoother and more efficient on a daily basis." This statement confirms the essential role of the conveyor in the positive transformation of operational processes within the company.

    The success of integrating the Trio Pac conveyor into the warehouse of this retail trade is all the more remarkable due to its specific nature. The turnkey project encompasses not only the installation of the conveyor but also the implementation of the associated control system. This approach ensures a seamless integration of the new system into existing operations. The versatility of the Trio Pac Inter-Deck Box Conveyor thus proves to be an essential component of this successful operational transformation.