Trio Pac develops a new type of ultra-sanitary conveyor

As of 2018, Trio Pac has been developing an ultra-sanitary conveyor following the request of a dairy facing a major contamination problem on its conveyors. The strengths of this new type of conveyor are:

  •  A fully welded structure that avoids contamination;
  • No part placed plate to plate;
  • Easier to dismantle parts without tools;
  • Save time for cleaning.

 Consequently, several evolutions and technical improvements led to a simplified dismantling of parts. No tube is used; the slide blocks, chain returns and all guides are removable, exposing the structure completely, allowing greater accessibility for optimal washing of the conveyor and all of its parts. The entire structure of the conveyor is made of stainless steel, including the motors and reducers for maximum sanitary aim.

 This new type of conveyor, intended for both the dairy and pharmaceutical industries, reflects well the level of expertise of Trio Pac and shows how customers' needs are prioritized.

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