Sortation Conveyor ARB

Sortation Conveyor ARB


This technology offers better functionality, reliability, optimized floor space, while reducing safety issues and cutting overall system costs!

  •  Using Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) technology, an Intralox sortation system provides gentle and precise sorting of items. Intralox ARB sorters are capable of sorting bi-directionally, at 30 degrees, and at 90 degrees. Because of the unique capabilities of ARB technology, Intralox sorting systems effectively handle a wide range of products within a small footprint. ARB sorters have been employed to handle cases, books, mail, totes, and polybags, and can sort virtually anything, from lightweight, letter-sized items to heavy pallet loads.

    Benefits of ARB Sortation Systems:

    • All the benefits of patented ARB technology
    • Handle a wide range of product shapes, sizes, and types
    • Protect product quality with gentle handling
    • Accomodate close divert centers to maximize floor space
    • Feature minimal moving parts and only one drive per sorter, reducing maintenance

    Ideal solution for...

    • Sorting with tight divert spacing
    • A single divert or a small number of diverts in a short footprint
    • High-speed bi-directional sorting at rates above 100 ppm (especially on narrow widths or tight divert centers)
    • Right angle sorting (single-sided) at rates above 60 ppm, depending on product size and weight
    • Sorting products longer than 4 ft. (1.2 meters) or shorter than 9 in. (225 mm); products weighing greater than 75 lb. (25 kg); or hard-to-handle products such as polybags
    • Handling products not ideal for sliding shoe sorters, narrow belt sorters, pivot wheel sorters and push sorters
    • Applications:
      • Right angle diverting to reject stations
      • Changing carton orientation during high-speed sorting
      • Sorting into mini-load AS/RS
      • Carton sequencing
      • Sorting into accumulation lines

    ARB technology available:

    ARB™ Sorter S400
    ARB™ Sorter S7000
    DARB™ Sorter S4500
    DARB™ Sorter S4550


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