NestaFlex 200 Gravity Roller

Best Flex Conveyor

The NestaFlex 200 roller is a light-medium duty, gravity conveyor that is designed to handle odd shaped boxes, drums, and pails in low to medium volume applications.

    1. Load capacity 200 lbs/ft
    2. Zinc plated 1 3/8” steel rollers
    3. 5 ¼” axle centers
    4. 28” – 44” adjustable conveyor heights using hand knobs to raise or lower the legs
    5. Heavy duty steel square tubing zinc plated legs offer longer service life and stability
    6. Welded horizontal leg brace
    7. Heavy duty 5” x 1 ½” casters for easy movement with 2 total lock brake casters on each end that stabilizes the conveyor while in use
    8. 7 gauge steel side links assembled using shoulder bolts and locking nuts
    9. 5/16” diameter axles across the width
    10. Self-tracking design allows packages to follow the path of the conveyor without using guards
    11. Couplers easily connect two or more conveyors to span greater distances for continuous package flow
    12. Heavy duty retractable package stop prevents packages from falling off the end of the conveyor and can be retracted when not needed

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