Spiral AVH Serie (AMBAFLEX)

Spiral AVH Serie

The AccuVeyor AVh has been designed to overcome the disadvantages of traditional spiral accumulators.

  • The AccuVeyor AVh does not touch the products in any way. Better still, the products do not even change tracks, but remain on the same portion of conveyor belt, in-between the infeed and outfeed parts. So it is not the products, but the conveyor belt that changes direction! This unique, no-compromise, patented system was designed by AmbaFlex by combining our experience with spiral conveyors with our knowledge of dynamic accumulation.

    Suitable for goods:

    Primary packing like; cartons, candy bars, biscuits packs, personal care and pharmaceuticals Filled liquid containers like pouches, doypacks, bottles and cans. Delicate packs. Multiple products transported parallel


    • Belt width range: 140 mm | 5.5"
    • Multi-belts: Patented ONE-belt non-touching accumulation system
    • Load range: up to 15 kg/m | 10.2 lb/ft
    • Speed range: up to 40 m/min | 130 fpm
    • Accumlation length: up to 80 m | 260 ft

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