Spiral SVs Serie (AMBAFLEX)

Specialized Conveyor - Spiral SVS Serie

The SpiralVeyor SVs is a narrow belt spiral conveyor designed to handle small primary packs and liquid containers. The most compact spiral conveyor on the market, but it also comes with an extended diameter to accommodate taller products.

  • The SpiralVeyor SVs comes as a single or multi-belt version with up to 6 independent parallel belts. Use for multiple functions ranging from elevation, accumulation, up to time delay.
    The SVs platform is the smaller version of the SV platform with its low friction high performance Triple-E technology. It is the most compact, though highest loadable, spiral conveyor on the market. The SVs is available with several belts and friction pad designs to cope with the broad variety of applications.

    Suitable for goods:

    Secondary packages like: flow packs, cartons, personal care and pharmaceuticals Single file liquid handling like: bottles, cans and doypacks.


    • Belt width range: 100, 140 or 200 mm | 4, 5.5, 8"
    • Multi Track: 1-6 parallel belts
    • Load range: up to 50 kg/m | 34 lb/ft
    • Speed range: up to 60 m/min | 200 fpm
    • Elevation: virtually unlimited, commonly per drive 15 m | 50 ft
    • Belt length: up to per drive system 60 m | 200 ft

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