Spiral SVo Serie (AMBAFLEX)

Specialized Conveyor - Spiral SVo Serie

The SpiralVeyor SVo Series is the economic solution for handling cases with repeating sizes in the AmbaFlex SpiralVeyor programme. It is specially designed to handle rigid items with the same form factor. The spiral conveyor is based on the AmbaFlex single track technology.

  • The difference is in the belt design with the scorpion back style shape. This patented design ensures a line contact with much more grip on the items to be handled. This allows the machine to elevate items which are larger than the belt width with higher stability, at possibly higher inclines, and for less investment.

    Suitable for goods:

    Totes, plastic containers


    • Chain width range: 100 mm | 4"
    • Nominal clear product width: 300, 400, 600 mm | 12, 16, 24"
    • Multi-belt: n.a.
    • Load range: up to 35 kg/m | 23.5 lb/ft
    • Speed range: up to 60 m/min | 200 fpm
    • Elevation: virtually unlimited, commonly per drive system 15 m | 50 ft
    • Belt length: up to per drive system 60 m | 200 ft

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