Spiral SVm Serie (AMBAFLEX)

Specialized Conveyor - Spiral SVm Serie

The SpiralVeyor SVm is designed to convey a mass flow of individual bottles and cans. Its compact, robust and simple design makes it a revolutionary solution.

  • The AmbaFlex patented belt with lateral roller guides permits multiple windings. This innovative solution allows a much more effective layout for filling lines. The SpiralVeyor SVm saves valuable floor space compared to traditional straight inclined chain conveyors. It also compares very favorably to side grip elevators. It eliminates the need to combine lines, enabling a compact line design. Thousands of SpiralVeyor’s are currently operational world-wide.

    Suitable for goods:

    Single bottles, Cans, Jars and Tins


    • Belt width range: 200-500 mm| 8-20"
    • Multi track belt: 2-5 parallel tracks
    • Load range: up to 100 kg/m | 67 lb/ft
    • Speed range: up to 60 m/min | 200 fpm
    • Elevation: virtually unlimited, commonly per drive system 6 m | 20 ft
    • Belt length: up to per drive system 60 m | 200 ft

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