MaxxReach Telescopic

MaxxReach Telescopic Conveyor

MaxxReach Telescopic Conveyors are the leader in supplying the material handling industry with high volume loading and unloading solutions.

    • Load capacity 50 lbs/ft
    • Maximum live load at any given time 4000 lbs.
    • 2-ply PVC belt
    • 3HP belt drive
    • 60 FPM – 120 FPM belt speeds
    • 45 FMP extension speed
    • 1HP gear motor for extension with friction clutch
    • One piece formed side pressings
    • Operator controls – In/Out, Stop/Start, E-stop, lights, ESB, Debris Tray
    • Belt & e-stop status & interlocks
    • Emergency stops at control panels
    • UHMW stage gap filler
    • Extension stop bar on final stage
    • Audible alarm

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