Adjustable Product Indexer

Adjustable Product Indexer


With its autonomous structure, the indexer easily integrates to any existing conveyors.

  • The Indexer can be used for different task on a production line:

    • Controlling product flow to reduce back pressure entering a machine.
    • Controlling spacing between products for ink jet coding.
    • Can be used has a break to stop product flow.
    • Can also be used for end-to-end transfer between conveyors if the containers shape allows it. 

    Being a stand-alone unit, the indexer can be easily installed on existing conveyors.


    Technical Specifications:

    • Full stainless steel construction
    • Square tubing welded structure.
    • Side rough top belts.
    • Manual hand crank with indicator to adjust opening between side belts from 2” (500mm) to 8½” (200mm).
    • Safety LEXAN cover mounted directly on its structure.


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