ThermoDrive Conveyor

ThermoDrive Conveyor


Polyurethane hygienic belt conveyor (sanitary). Used to transport unpackaged bulk foods. Ex. bread dough, candy, cheese, raw meat, etc.

    • Tensionless System: Unlike a modular plastic belt, this belt is molded in one continuous piece much like an endless belt conveyor or mechanical seal application. On the other hand, being serrated on the underside, one can use a positive/direct motorization (positive drive ) and thus eliminate the need to use tension.
      • Eliminates complex costs and adjustments associated with tension management
      • Provides reliable and predictable engine performance and reduces costs
      • Extends belt life, minimizes component wear and improves product performance
      • Having a light weight and the fact that it is "loose" on the conveyor, it facilitates cleaning (lift and clean)
    •  For the seal, the ThermoDrive offers 2 possibilities: Endless (welded) or ThermoLace (with mechanical seal)
    • The homogeneous surface of the belt allows easy and efficient cleaning
    • Several options are available:
      • Straight cleats with several possible heights
      • Straight cleats with reinforcements
      • Scoop cleats with several possible dimensions
      • Synchronized sidewall with several possible heights
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