Portable Parts Conveyor

Portable parts conveyor


The Model PC can be used as a portable or permanent parts conveyor.

  • PC Model - Portable Parts Conveyor

    The Model PC can be used as a portable or permanent parts conveyor. Side guards and cleated belt easily catch small stampings, plastic parts, etc., and carry them to hoppers or drums. Flapper guard prevents parts from falling through conveyor.

    • 6-5/8" deep x 12 ga. formed steel bed with 3-1/2" high vertical guards
    • 1-1/2" high molded cleats on 12" centers
    • Belt Widths; 4",6",8",10",12",16",18",24"
    • Speed 65 FPM
    • End Drive (Overhead)
    • 1/2 HP standard - 2 HP max.
    • Capacity 300 lbs. (total distributed load)
    • Portable base support is tubular steel mounted on 4" dia. steel wheels.
    • Adjustable to control conveyor height at top and bottom.
    • Adjustable floor supports available on longer units

    PCX Model - Low Profile Portable Parts

    The portable Model PCX parts conveyor can be easily positioned under punch presses and extruding machines to catch small steel, plastic, or aluminum stampings, etc. The PCX conveys them (pieces) quickly up to a hopper or drum.

    • 7-1/4" deep x 12 ga. formed steel side channel with bolt-in slider bed which provides 1" high sides above the belt
    • Belt Widths; 12", 18", 24"
    • Speed 25 FPM
    • Underside Drive
    • 1/2 HP standard - 2 HP max.
    • Capacity 100 lbs. (total distributed load)
    • Belt Scraper - mounted inside conveyor bed section to clean underside of return belt
    • Portable Base Support - adjustable from 4" to 30".

    PCH Model - Piano Hinge Conveyor

    The Model PCH parts conveyor with hinged steel belt is ideal for carrying hot, oily parts from punch presses, forging machines, etc., to drums, hoppers, or other operations. Configurations range from straight to Z type units.

    • 8-5/8" deep x 10 ga. powder painted formed steel channel.
    • Belt Widths; 6", 8", 12", 18", 24"
    • Motor , 1 HP standard - 2 HP max.
    • Adjustable Floor Supports Available

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